Ezinfund is an online financial social network community

We leverage on latest technology with peer to peer model and this has stand us out among other platforms

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We Maintain A Platform Where Givers And Receivers Like-Mind Meet To Achieve Their Financial Dreams

    Kindly Read Our Offers Before You Participate

  • Ezinfund Offers You 50% Return Of Your Donated Amount
  • Ezinfund Offers You 25 Days To Get Help of Donated Amount
  • Ezinfund Unlocks your PH after 5 days
  • Ezinfund Offers You 15% Referral Bonus
  • Ezinfund Offers You A Guider Bonus, to qualify, get active 20 downlines and contact the support, Note: 5% Bonus
  • Ezinfund Operates On 20% Authenticity Check Fee of Any PH, To BE PAID WITHIN 48HRS OF PHing, Keep The System Strong (To Fight Fraudsters, Discourage Dummy Accounts, Filter Unserious Participants, pay for defaulters etc)
  • You can be matched on the system from the 5th day to 20th day to pay the remaining 80% donations
  • Ezinfund Operates On 20% Recommitment Plan of donated amount or Higher during Ghing, which u are to pay on Ghing, to keep the system 100% alive

Core Value

We have leveraged on effective,latest technology and customer service. Our members' well being is paramount to us. We strongly believe these process could help our members achieve their financial goals.


  • Register at the website.
  • Enter your Personal Office.
  • Make Donation.
  • Receive Donation.
  • Min Amount N10000, Max Amount N500,000.
  • It Takes 25days to Receive Donations.
  • You can be matched on the system from the 5th day to 20th day to make donations.
  • Note: Don't Hope To Borrow After Phing (PH What You Have At Hand)
  • Note: Don't PH the Amount You Cannot Pay When You Are Matched


To intermediate financial freedom and improve on the well being of our members.


To create 1 million millionaires through our trusted social network before 2020

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We Offer Services

EzinFund is here as a community, where we help each other to achieve financial freedom. So, base on this, every member who refers or bring more active members should be rewarded accordingly. Below are the rewards for your contributions to the development and sustainability of EzinFund Community.

Return on Investment

50% Return on Investment every 25 days of Investment.

Bonus on Testimonials

5% bonus on testimonials

Managers Bonus

10% Managers' bonus having referred 20 Active new members.

Referral Bonus

15% Referral bonus.

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What Is Ezinfund?

Ezinfund is an online financial social network community, designed for member(s) to member(s) donation. It adopts a peer to peer model to assist needy members.

Can I Register For Free?

Yes,to register is absolutely free. New members are advised to have their capital ready before registration.

How Can I Make Donation?

Having registered,locate donation button in your dashboard. Click on it to make donation.

Do I Need To Refer Before Payment?

No, our system automatically matches you to receive doation without you referring others.

Is Ezinfund Legal?

Yes, we are not a Bank or HYIP but a financial social network platform that intermediate financial freedom for our members. We do not collect money from members and we disassociate ourselves from anyone who claims such. Our model is peer to peer .

How Can I Receive Donation?

Our trusted system will match you with other members to make donation to you after 25 days of your Investment.

Can I Have More Than 1 Accounts?

NO, a member that tried to open more than 1 account, his active account will be banned and kicked out of the system.

Is There Referral Bonus?

Yes,there is referral bonus of 15%. This keep our system sustained.

Is My Donation Refundable?

No,members are warned to call recipients of donations before payment and ensure confirmation is done as at when due to avoid account being suspended.

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