EFAF investment is a trading organization that deals majorly in the combination of several successful business directions such as multi-currency trading of the foreign exchange (forex) market, the crypto-currency market, the commodity market such as gold, oil and the likes including sports betting and general imports of goods with affiliate organizations. Through many years of experience in trading and expertise in risk management, partner company, EFAF investment strife for excellence and profitable yield.

Our Investment Plans


  • Per Day
  • For 90 Days
  • Min Deposit :N30,000
  • Max Desposit :N350,000
  • Principal Return


  • Per Day
  • For 180 Days
  • Min Deposit :N30,000
  • Max Desposit :N350,000
  • Principal Return

Executive 0.20%

  • Per Day
  • For 180 days
  • Min Deposit :N400,000
  • Max Desposit :N1,000,000
  • Principal Return

Site Statistics

  • Running Days
  • 229 Days
  • Today deposit
  • N70,000.00
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Who we are?

EFAF investment is a merger operation between EZINFUND INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD and ADFORCE COMMUNICATION ENTEPRISE LIMITED . Merging managerial ethics with actual trading in the financial and commodity markets for profitability which is being extended into trading of goods with affiliate operations in some well known organizations, we also have added sports betting into our stream of profit hunting to increase operational efficiency.

At EFAF investment, we pride ourselves to be a Mild Yield Investment Organization running a Mild Yield Investment Programme ( M.Y.I.P ) with real trading activities in the foreign exchange (forex) mar

Our Partners