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 What are the modes of payments?


 When can I withdraw?

Clients can access withdrawal just once in a month.

 How does EFAF investment make profit?

EFAF Investments deal on foreign exchange trading and the crypto-currency, Sports Betting, trading for profit, wherewith set percentages on return of investment have been allotted to all our clients.

 What are the risks involved in investing with EFAF

EFAF Investment are experts in the art of risk management while engaging in transactions in our said businesses. We run top notch strategies that always keep us in profit. But due to the fact that all liquidity markets such as forex and the crypto –currency markets or even any other business as it where, are not susceptible to loss of initial capital we gravely advice that all our clients should invest with money that they can part with, not with borrowed money and the likes. 

 What if there is a market crash?

The foreign exchange or the crypto-currency business is not like the stock market, whereby a crash closes down all trading activity into massive losses. Nothing of such happens with forex or the crypto-currency. The worse that is likely to occur is when a certain currency or coin crashes, but that is just one currency at against the other currencies related to it. Therefore even if we encounter some loses in this particular crashing currency, other currencies will still be in operation and definitely making money. So we have got our clients and capital base covered. Secondly our trading strategy or mechanism consists of market stop loses (automatic dive out of the market in case of such events or unwanted loss) and market break-even (no loss, no gain situations when the market don’t operate as analyzed).

 What happens when a certain period is unprofitable

At periods such as these EFAF investment engages her capital reserve to cover up for such periods so as not to disappoint any of our clients. EFAF investment over a little period of time covers up for draw downs.

 How do I trust EFAF Investments?

EFAF INVESTMENT LTD is duly registered in NIGERIAN CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION with RC Number : 1491580 and is a merger operation between EZINFUND INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD RC: 1471307 and ADFORCE COMMUNICATION ENTEPRISE LIMITED a registered company with the CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION RC: 1371130. We are combining managerial ethics with actual trading in the financial markets for profitability. WE ARE REAL PEOPLE WITH real operations to which you can reach easily. We pride ourselves to be a Mild Yield Investment Organization running a Mild Yield Investment Programme ( M.Y.I.P ) with real trading activities in the foreign exchange  (forex) market and the rise of the crypto-currency market such as bit coin, lit coin, ethereum etc.

 How long does it take for my deposit to be added

its instant, your deposit reflects on "new deposit" immediately but after the deposit have been confirmed by us it becomes "active"

 How long are withdrawals processed?

This takes about 48 hours, based on bank transfer speed. We process immediately when we recieve orders.

 Can i make multi deposit?

Yes, you can multi deposit, but try not to go beyond your personal boundaries, see terms and conditions. The fact that we are efficient does not mean our members should not be cautious.

 Do you process withdrawal requests on weekends?

Yes, we do but you would have to be patient for the bank operations and response due to the weekend factor.

 May I open several accounts in your program?

No, you may not apart from its unethical reasons; operating just one account with varied investment plans with our platform is ok.

 Do you offer an affiliate program?

Yes, we can offer you referral bonus "if" U can prove that you have upto 5 clients that wanted to invest under you , Contact us to decide your % Bonus.

 I can't find the answer to my question

If any of the above questions does not help meet your need please try to contact our support line on the site, you could reach us through our Facebook link on the site including telegram, twitter etc…..   Our support system is top notch and is always available to attend to your every need with regard to our platform

 Do you impose any fees for my withdrawal?

Yes, we do. We deduct 2% of ANY withdrawal that you make.